Cell with rainbow © Šime Barešić

Cell with rainbow © Šime Barešić

Photographer name:  Šime Barešić

From:  Drage, Croatia

Age:  27 

Photo title:  Cell with rainbow

Photo location:  Nature park Vransko Lake

Date photo taken:  25.05.2020

Story behind the photo (50-250 words): That afternoon I was asleep and suddenly woke up from my sleep and looked at my watch and I saw it was time to see off the sunset! When I was already halfway to the destination where I intended to photograph the sunset, I saw that something was safely being prepared and hurried to another destination! When I arrived I felt like a little kid, happy and fulfilled! An indescribable feeling to stand and watch and follow what nature means! 

Weather Caption: A supercell is a powerful storm with a thick rotating updraft, capable of producing large amounts of hail, strong winds, torrential rain, tornadoes, and substantial downbursts. To form, they require both the standard ingredients for a thunderstorm (instability, moisture, and a lift mechanism), but also wind shear – a change in wind direction and/or speed with height. This wind shear is crucial in the formation of the rotating updraft, but also for increasing the longevity of the storm as it tilts the structure, keeping the updraft and downdraft separate. In a favourable environment, a supercell can last for several hours.

Technical details:

Camera                      NIKON D5500

Lens model               Tokina AT-X 116 PRO DX II 11-16mm F2.8

Shutter speed           1/400

Aperture                     f/5.6

Focal length              11 mm

35mm equivalent      16 mm