Thunderstorm vs Beauty by Fynn Gardner

Young Weather Photographer of the Year 2021 Runner Up

Photographer name: Fynn Gardner

From: Frenchs Forest, Australia

Age: 14

Photo title: Thunderstorm vs Beauty

Photo location: Frenchs Forest, Australia

Photo caption: Fynn took this image in Frenchs Forest, New South Wales, Australia, just after a thunderstorm. 

Severe thunderstorms are the most common and most damaging type of storm in New South Wales. Australia classifies a thunderstorm as 'severe' if it produces any of the following: hail measuring more than 2cm in diameter, wind gusts above 90 km/h, tornadoes, or heavy rain that leads to flash flooding. 

Severe thunderstorms can happen all year round in New South Wales. However, they are most common from October to March, often referred to as the 'severe thunderstorm season'.