FitzRoy Prize

Regulations for the FitzRoy Prize
The Prize shall be awarded for distinguished work in applications of meteorology or related sciences, especially if published in Society journals.  For this purpose, “applications” shall be defined as “scientific, technical, commercial and administrative aspects from the point of view of the end user”.  The main requirement is that the work is of use to meteorologists, users of meteorological products and those engaged in the dialogue between them. The Prize shall be awarded biennially. The Prize shall not be confined to members of the Society and no person shall be eligible for the prize a second time.

Title Forenames Surname Suffix Award year Public profile
Prof Jonathan Gregory 2015
Mr Peter Trevelyan OBE 2013 View
Mr Ewen McCallum FRMetS CMet 2013
Prof Roy Michael Harrison OBE FRMetS 2011 View
Dr Robert Riddaway FRMetS 2009 View
Dr Geoff Jenkins 2007 View
Mr Henry Derwent 2005 View
Prof Neville Nicholls 2004 View
Prof Leonard Allen Smith 2002 View
Dr Jianmin Shao FRMetS CMet 2000 View
Dr Richard Gordon Derwent OBE 1996 View
Mr David Parker 1994 View
Prof John Thornes 1990 View
Dr Peter Francis 1988 View
Dr James Milford FRMetS 1984
Mr J Scott 1982
Mr F B Smith 1980
Mr David Eric Pedgley 1978 View