Gordon Manley Weather Prize

Regulations for the Gordon Manley Weather Prize
The Gordon Manley Weather Prize shall be awarded annually for an outstanding contribution to Weather in the preceding five years.  The award commemorates Professor Gordon Manley (1902-1980) who was President of the Society in 1945-47 when Weather was launched in 1946, and who, as an author, was renowned for the many articles he wrote aimed at increasing the public understanding of the weather. The Prize shall be awarded annually on the basis of an outstanding contribution to Weather judged in terms of the contribution of a single outstanding paper or several excellent papers, that have helped to further the public understanding of meteorology and oceanography, submitted within the five consecutive calendar years preceding the year of the award, or for outstanding service to Weather during the preceding five years. The Prize shall be awarded to one individual normally but when appropriate may be awarded to co-authors.  The Prize shall not be confined to Fellows of the Society.  No person shall be eligible for the award a second time. The Prize shall only be awarded if a nomination of sufficiently high standard is forthcoming. In exceptional circumstances the qualifying period of five years may be extended (e.g. in recognition of an individual's outstanding contribution to Weather during their career).

Title Forenames Surname Suffix Award year Public profile
Mr Baden Hall FRMetS 2014 View
Mr Bob Prichard 2013 View
Mr Andrew Mark Sibley FRMetS RMet 2012 View
Mr George David Anderson FRMetS RMet 2011 View
Mr Brian John Booth 2010 View
J Prior 2009
Dr Julian Mayes FRMetS 2008 View
Prof Andreas Fink 2007 View
Mr James Galvin FRMetS CMet 2006
Mr Stephen Burt FRMetS 2005
Dr Ian Strangeways FRMetS 2004 View
Prof Grant Bigg 2003 View
Mr Storm Dunlop 2002 View
Mr Ronald Saunders 2001 View
Mr Geoffrey Philip Eden FRMetS 2000 View
Dr Roger Brugge FRMetS 1999 View
Mr David Eric Pedgley 1998 View
K Herrington 1997
Mr William Pike 1996 View
Dr Dennis Wheeler 1995 View
Mr Martin Victor Young FRMetS CMet 1994