International Journal of Climatology Prize

Regulations for the International Journal of Climatology Prize
A prize termed the “International Journal of Climatology Prize” shall be awarded annually.  The Prize shall include a sum of money endowed by the Society’s publishers. The Prize shall be awarded to the author of a meritorious paper or papers, contributed to the Society and published in the International Journal of Climatology in any of the five consecutive calendar years preceding the year of the award, or for an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the work of the journal. The Prize shall not be confined to members of the Society.   In the case of joint authorship, the Prize may, at the discretion of the Council, be divided and the certificate replicated. No person shall normally be eligible for the award a second time and in any case not within five years.

Title Forenames Surname Suffix Award year Public profile
Dr Klaus Wolter 2014 View
Prof Johnny Chan 2012
J Marengo 2009
Prof Ian Simmonds 2008 View
Dr Ricardo Machado Trigo 2007 View
Dr Ingeborg Auer 2006 View
Klein-Tank 2005
Dr John Turner MBE FRMetS 2004 View
Dr Radan Huth 2003
Kidson 2002
Prof Philip Jones FRMetS 2001