Michael Hunt Award

Regulations for the Michael Hunt Award
The Michael Hunt Award shall be made biennially to individuals for excellence in increasing the understanding of meteorology or its allied disciplines among members of the general public, including particular groups such as yachtsmen, schoolchildren, etc.  The Award commemorates the achievements of Michael Hunt (1920-1985) who, as a TV weatherman, was able to communicate his enthusiasm for the subject to his viewers (Obituary in Weather, 40, 408, 1985). In exceptional circumstances the award may be made to two individuals, whether for quite separate contributions or for a combined or related contribution. The award shall only be made if a nomination of a sufficiently high standard is forthcoming.  The prize is not confined to Fellows of the Society, and no person shall be eligible for the prize a second time.

Title Forenames Surname Suffix Award year Public profile
Mrs Pierrette Thomet 2014 View
Dr Andrew Russell 2012 View
Dr Paul David Williams FRMetS 2012 View
Prof Dudley Edmund Shallcross FRMetS 2008 View
S Jackson 2008
Dr Ross Bannister 2006 View
WJ Burroughs 2004
Mr Frank Singleton 2002 View
Mr John Harris 1998 View
Mr James Bacon 1996 View
Dr Geoff Jenkins 1994 View
Mr Ross Reynolds 1994 View
Mr Geoffrey Philip Eden FRMetS 1992 View