Professional Accreditation

Becoming accredited allows individuals to be recognised for their meteorological expertise. The Society offers two professional accreditation schemes:

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These schemes are hierarchical statements of professional competency and experience and are consistent in concept and scope with similar accreditations recognised in other professions.

The aim of accreditation is to provide professional qualifications in meteorology, at a level equivalent to other schemes providing Chartered status, which will satisfy clients, employers and the public at large that individuals have reached and continue to maintain a specified level of meteorological knowledge. Accreditation provides a link and standards across the wider meteorological community. It benefits individuals by providing recognition of their expertise, a framework to support career development, and a demonstration of commitment to their career.

The Royal Meteorological Society is the only body able to award Registered or Chartered status for Meteorologists. The Society does not provide any guarantee of the quality of individual work by accredited meteorologists. Those who provide professional services on their own behalf to third parties are responsible for their own work and professional indemnity cover.