Register of Chartered Meteorologists

Chartered Meteorologists are expected to provide a high-quality service based on their experience and expertise. The service is often provided to those not specialists in the subject. Chartered Meteorologists may use the post-nominal CMet in their professional activities.

NOTE: The Society does not provide any guarantee of the quality of individual work by accredited meteorologists. Those who provide professional services on their own behalf to third parties are responsible for their own work and professional indemnity cover.


Title Forenames Surname Accreditation date Public profile
Dr Daniel Adamson Jun 2010
Mr Chris Almond Mar 2018
Mr Roger Barrowcliffe Sep 1994
Dr Joan Bech Apr 2005
Dr Alec James Bennett Mar 2013
Mr Joshua Brian Bratchley Mar 2021
Mr Michael Brettle Jan 1994
Mr James Burn Mar 2022
Mr Steven Callaghan Jun 2017
Dr Rachel Capon Nov 2009
Ms Helen Caughey Jun 2021
Mr Pak Wai Chan May 2009
Prof Christopher George Collier Jan 1994
Prof James Curran Jan 1994
Mr Murray Dale May 2006
Dr Michael Pierre de Villiers May 2007
Mr Gregory Dewhurst Nov 2019
Prof Stephen Roger Dorling Apr 1997
Dr Andrew Eccleston Mar 1996
Mr Keith Fenwick Oct 2013
Miss Rachel Frost Feb 2022
Mr James Galvin Oct 2008
Dr Mark Philip Guishard Jun 2017
Mr Paul Gundersen Oct 2013
Mrs Eleanore Rachel Hands May 2019
Prof Paul James Hardaker Apr 2001
Mr Daniel James Harris Feb 2014
Mr David Hayter May 2021
Ms Sarah Hewitt Mar 2018
Dr Mark Higgins Dec 2015
Dr Alan Hisscott Mar 1995
Dr Theodore V Hromadka Jul 2018
Mr David Jameson May 2019
Mr Richard Jones Aug 2022
Mr Steven Leslie Keates Jul 2019
Prof Christopher Kilsby Apr 1997
Mr Nigel Kirk Mar 2018
Prof Chiu-ying Lam Jan 1994
Ms Ching Chi Lam Sep 2006
Dr William Lang Jul 2011
Mr Lars Lowinski Oct 2013
Mr Norman Lynagh Jan 1994
Mrs Bryony May Mar 1995
Mr Ewen McCallum Aug 2010
Mr Jonathan Millard Oct 2013
Lt Cdr Paul David Monger Mar 2007
Mrs Lynsey Claire Norwood-Brown Dec 2020
Ms Anne-Marie Osborne Nov 2021
Mr Andy Page Jul 2011
Ms Laura Paterson Nov 2016