Register of Chartered Meteorologists

Chartered Meteorologists are expected to provide a high-quality service based on their experience and expertise. The service is often provided to those not specialists in the subject.
Chartered Meteorologists may use the post-nominal CMet in their professional activities.
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NOTE: The Society does not provide any guarantee of the quality of individual work by accredited meteorologists. Those who provide professional services on their own behalf to third parties are responsible for their own work and professional indemnity cover.


Title Forenames Surname Suffix Accreditation date Public profile
Miss Julia Perez FRMetS Jul 2018
Dr Richard Edward William Pettifer MBE FRMetS CMet Jan 1994
Mr Steven Robert Ramsdale FRMetS CMet Oct 2013
Cdr Andrew Robinson FRMetS CMet Jul 1994
Dr Jennifer Mary Anne Rourke FRMetS CMet Apr 2016
Dr Matthew Paul Ruglys FRMetS CMet Mar 2005
Mr John Searson FRMetS CMet Jul 1994
Mr Daniel Raymond Mario Suri FRMetS CMet Jul 2011
Prof Simon Tett FRMetS CMet Jun 2006
Mr Keith Thomson FRMetS CMet Mar 1995
Mr Adam Thornhill FRMetS CMet Oct 2017
Mrs Penelope (known as Penny) Elspeth Tranter FRMetS CMet Mar 1996
Mr Peter Varley FRMetS CMet Jan 1994
Mr Robert Andrew Varley FRMetS CMet Jul 2011
Mrs Rebecca Venton FRMetS CMet Sep 2006
Mr Steven Willington FRMetS CMet Jul 2011
Mr Matthew James Winter FRMetS CMet Nov 2015
Mr Tony Wisson FRMetS CMet Jul 2016
Mr John Matthew Woods FRMetS CMet Aug 2008
Mr Adrian Wynn FRMetS CMet Nov 2015
Mr Martin Victor Young FRMetS CMet Jul 2011
Mr Richard John Young FRMetS CMet Jul 2011