Register of Registered Meteorologists

Registered Meteorologists are expected to provide a high-quality service based on their experience and expertise. The service is often provided to those not specialists in the subject. Registered Meteorologists may use the post-nominal RMet in their professional activities.

NOTE: The Society does not provide any guarantee of the quality of individual work by registered meteorologists. Those who provide professional services on their own behalf to third parties are responsible for their own work and professional indemnity cover.

Title Forenames Surname Accreditation date Public profile
Mr Richard Jones Oct 2017
Dr Claire Mary Kennedy-Edwards Jun 2014
Miss Sarah Louise Kent Oct 2015
Mr Peter Kirk May 2019
Mr Paul Knightley May 2014
Lt Alex Mykola Kubara Sep 2021
Mrs Eleanor Lashford Jul 2017
Mr Christopher Robert Edward Lattimore May 2017
Ms Adrienne Le Maistre May 2015
Mrs Kathleen LePere Aug 2021
Mr Christopher David Lock Sep 2014
Mr Antonio Marino May 2021
Mr Richard Maxey Dec 2015
Ms Kristina Mazur Jan 2021
Mr Alister McHardy Oct 2015
Mr Anthony Merendino Nov 2020
Mrs Sharon Merren May 2015
Mrs Helen Morrison Jun 2014
Mr Thomas Mould Dec 2015
Mr Christopher Munro Jun 2014
Mrs Catherine Louise Murphy Jul 2017
Mr Luke Norris Jun 2017
Mr Matthew Nuss Sep 2020
Mr Daniel Christopher Page Dec 2020
Mr Robert Charles Parish Jan 2018
Mr Christopher Parsloe Dec 2017
Mr Philip Pascarelli Jan 2021
Mr Ian Albert Pickering Nov 2015
Mr Patrick Pierce Apr 2021
Mr Robert Michael Buchanan Plummer Oct 2018
Miss Agatha Plunkett May 2015
Mr Alexander Priestley Jun 2017
Miss Amy Victoria Raynor Oct 2017
Miss Rebecca Reilly Nov 2020
Mr Stephen David Roberts Jun 2014
Mr Nicholas Roe Feb 2016
Miss Helen Rossington Sep 2014
Mr Steve Sanders Dec 2014
Mr Mark Wesley Seltzer Oct 2015
Ms Rebecca Shutler Dec 2020
Ms Abby Smith Jul 2017
Mr Christopher Smith May 2016
Miss Christina Smith Dec 2017
Mr David Charles Edward Snook Feb 2017
Miss Rebecca Spalton Feb 2017
Mr Richard Phillip Stone Oct 2015
Mr Martyn Sunter May 2014
Mr Andrew Ian Taylor Sep 2017
Mr Andrew Stuart Thompson Mar 2015
Mr Craig Tillison Aug 2021