RMetS Member Prof Brian Golding receives OBE

brian golding

In the New Year Honours list, an OBE was awarded to Professor Brian Golding, RMetS member and scientific fellow at the Met Office – for services to weather forecasting and the prediction of hazardous weather.

Professor Golding has been involved in the development and application of numerical weather prediction at the Met Office for 40 years, during which time the finest model grid spacing available operationally has improved from 100km to 1.5km, enabling resolution of ever smaller phenomena, especially those associated with weather conditions that cause damage and disruption. In the early 1990s, he took a two-year sabbatical in Australia, which led to a series of papers demonstrating the potential of km-scale resolution in predicting severe Australian weather, and which formed the basis for subsequent operational implementation of models of that resolution in the UK.

He has been involved in a wide range of applications, ranging from ocean wave modelling to volcanic ash prediction, with customers as diverse as the offshore oil industry, overseas governments and insurance companies. However, in the last decade his work has been particularly focussed on forecasting floods, especially flash floods generated by intense rainstorms, such as have occurred on so many occasions in the past year.


News Date: 
Wednesday, January 2, 2013