Society's Vision, Mission and Strategy Themes

The Royal Meteorological Society is the UK’s Professional and Learned Society for weather and climate.  We play a key role as the custodian of both the science and the profession of meteorology in the UK and has an important role to play internationally as one of the world’s largest meteorological Societies. We are owned by its membership, but exists for the benefit of all.

The Society’s vision is to be a world-leading learned and professional society for weather and climate, exemplifying its Royal Charter and charitable status and to engage, enthuse and educate all.

The Society’s mission is: to promote the understanding and application of meteorology for the benefit of all.

Our mission has a wide remit that looks to support people’s understanding, interest and enthusiasm in weather and climate, whether they are research scientists, amateur meteorologists, practitioners, or members of the general public. It goes further, supporting the development of high-quality science, the next generation of scientists and operational meteorologists, professional development of individuals, accrediting further and higher education courses, informing policy and supporting learning in weather and climate through education and outreach activities.

Underpinning Priority

The Society’s strategic plan includes an underpinning priority to ensure the Society has the capacity and capability to achieve its strategic goals. This includes having secure and diverse sources of finance, a skilled and motivated workforce, strong strategic partnerships, sound governance, excellent communication with members and potential members, using technology effectively and an active group of volunteers. In addition, the Society will consider and integrate diversity and inclusion activities throughout the Strategic Plan and deliver on a progression framework during the course of the plan.

Strategic Prioritised Themes

The Strategic Prioritised Themes define how the Society will meet its mission in the long term. The Society’s strategic plan will be centred on FIVE strategic themes.

  • To strengthen the science of weather and climate, and related disciplines so that it advances, is applied and made accessible.
  • To support and develop meteorologists and climate scientists through professional accreditation, career advice, communication of opportunities, provision of information and networking.
  • To enhance the lives of all those interested in weather and climate through opportunities to access events, information and engagement with meteorology and the work of the Society.
  • To share our enthusiasm about weather and climate and to extend our reach and impact within the teaching community, the wider public and with strategic partners, to provide informal and formal education in meteorology.
  • To increase awareness of the importance of weather and climate in policy and decision-making and its relevance to society, and to be an independent voice of authority, advice and advocacy for meteorology and the profession.