Storm Eunice by Christopher Ison

Storm Eunice by Christopher Ison

Photo location: Newhaven, East Sussex, UK

Camera: Canon EOS R5

After checking the time Storm Eunice would hit as well as the high tides times, Christopher discovered that the storm would hit Newhaven, East Sussex, at almost exactly high tide. When taking his photo, Christopher decided to head to high ground and stand slightly further away from the harbour wall with his back to the weather and was rewarded with a fantastic set of images.

"When the storm was predicted and that it was carrying the first ever red warning for the south coast, I knew I had to find a spot to record it – this was going to be big!"

Storm Eunice was a deep area of low pressure that hit the UK in February 2022. It was particularly disruptive as it underwent explosive cyclogenesis when a low-pressure system rapidly deepens. Low pressure systems can bring heavy rain/snow and strong winds, and the deeper the area of low pressure relative to the surrounding pressure, the stronger the winds will be.

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