Weather Watchers

We are delighted to be the BBCs official partner for Weather WatchersWe are delighted to be the BBC's official partner for Weather Watchers.

Our role includes providing educational content as well as material for the Weather Watchers website, all with the aim of helping you understand the weather and fully engage with Weather Watchers. 

We also run theWeather Club which has lots of fun, informative news and features about weather and climate, as well as a quarterly newsletter, which is available here.

Our educational website, MetLink contains lots of educational resources, including courses, demonstrations and experiments that can be done at home.

  • Observing

    Learn how to observe the weather, make your own instruments, and many more resources
  • Conferences

    We will be running 3 conferences in 2017. More details coming soon.
  • Joining the Society

    Membership is open to anyone with an interest in weather and climate
    Joining the Society
  • Events

  • Local Centres

    We have 9 centres across the UK that hold meetings throughout the year, and are free to attend
    Local Centres
  • Geoff's Guides

    Geoff Jenkins has 10 different guides to weather observations, and are free to download
    Geoff's Guides
  • Beaufort Scale

    Beaufort Scale
  • Instrumentation

  • Make a Rain Gauge

    Make a Rain Gauge