WIREs Climate Change collections


WIREs Climate Change has recently compiled two collections, each of which draw together articles within a specific topic.

The Planet Under Pressure collection published earlier this year contains articles specially selected for delegates at Planet Under Pressure 2012. The collection presents content that will help researchers meet the world’s needs in food, energy, water and other ecosystem services.

China’s National Climate Change Program published in 2007 lays out five areas around which national policy development should occur: greenhouse gas emissions reduction; climate change adaptation; climate change science and technology; public awareness of climate change; and institutions and mechanisms. In this Special Collection of articles from WIREs Climate Change we gather together 15 of the more significant review articles the journal has published since 2010 which survey, summarize and assess global knowledge about climate change as it relates to four thematic areas

News Date: 
Monday, October 22, 2012