Adrian Gill Prize

Awarded annually to a member of the Society who has made a significant contribution in the preceding five years, in the specified fields, and who has also been an author of a paper(s) in the Society’s journals. The specified fields are those that interface between atmospheric science and related disciplines. These related disciplines include oceanography, hydrology, geochemistry and numerical methodologies.

Title Forenames Surname Suffix Award year Public profile
Dr Geoffrey Vallis 2015 view
Dr Adam Arthur Scaife FRMetS 2015 view
Dr Elizabeth Clare Kent FRMetS 2013 view
Prof Dudley Edmund Shallcross FRMetS 2012 view
Prof David Brian Stephenson 2011 view
Prof Joanna Dorothy Haigh FRMetS 2010 view
Dr Andrew Staniforth 2009 view
Prof Timothy Palmer FRS, DPhil, DSc, FRMetS 2008
Prof Peter Read 2007 view
Cox 2006
Dr David Anderson 2005 view
Prof John Marshall BSC 2004 view
Prof John Pyle DPHIL FRS 2003 view
Dr Adrian Tuck 2003 view
Prof Peter Webster FRMetS 2002 view