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Careers and Courses

Careers in Meteorology

See some examples of careers in meteorology in our Spotlight on Careers section.
Download the RMetS Careers Flyer
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The areas within which meteorologists work range from TV and broadcast meteorology through weather forecasting and climatology to applications in energy, transport and the planning and operation of great engineering undertakings. They include the development of complex mathematical representations of the way the atmosphere works and can be predicted, the manipulation of vast data resources, the design, development and testing of new instruments, and the use of modern communications and data-management systems. There are also close links with sister sciences such as hydrology and physical oceanography.

Within this wide spectrum, there are opportunities for pure research, applied research, operational work, scientific and commercial management, entrepreneurial ventures, teaching and consultancy.
Why not have a look at this pdf, which gives some useful information about meteorology as a career

  • Employers

    This section gives information about who employs meteorologists, from weather service providers to the BBC and the Met Office
  • Qualifications

    The Society operates a Chartered Meteorologist Accreditation Scheme and gives information about vocational qualifications.
  • Courses

    To become a leading research or applied scientist, a good degree from a university is essential. This may or may not be in meteorology.