Rossi Fang - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star by Rossi Fang

Photo location: Taiwan, Province Of China

Camera: SONY-A7R3

On the most beautiful mountain in Taiwan, Rossi captured this photo of the warm sun melting the frozen mountain world of the night before. "The crystal clear ice gleams with the sunlight this morning, making the entire alpine world warm".

Ice is simply water in a solid form, which occurs in the atmosphere and on the Earth's surface when the temperature falls below 0°C. It can take many forms, such as snow, hoar frost, rime, glaze, hail and ice pellets.

Glaze is a smooth, transparent type of ice that forms when drizzle or rain hits a cold surface and freezes on contact. It can be created when rain or drizzle is at a sub-zero temperature but remains in liquid form, known as supercooled water, meets the ground or when non-supercooled rain or drizzle meets a surface temperature below 0ºC. It can be dangerous to motorists and pedestrians as it is transparent, and the roads and pavements appear wet. It can also be damaging when it gains sufficient thickness as the extra weight can bring down tree branches.

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