Basic Principles

The presumption is that use of our material for any commercial purposes will be charged for but that the reproduction of printed material and figures for personal research or limited educational purposes shall in general be free of charge.

The use of other material, particularly photographic images in any form will normally be subject to a royalty charge (details in Table 1).

The charges are based upon the scope of the intended use (geographical, multiple language), the size of image in the new document (internal or cover) and the uniqueness of the image.

All use of copyright material, whether free or charged for, is subject to acknowledgement of the Society copyright alongside or in close association with the re-published material.

Where the Society is not the owner of copyright it will acknowledge the copyright owner, in all its publications. Where practical the Society will provide what help and support it can to third parties in agreeing usage with copyright owners and material it publishes.

Material Published in RMetS Scientific Journals

For limited educational use or for the furtherance of research, permission to use material including figures but excluding photographs, which have previously been published in the Society’s learned journals will, on application to the Society, generally be given free of charge.

The Society’s copyright and permission to publish must be acknowledged in the publication alongside, or clearly in association with, the material that is reproduced.

Exception - University Course Material

An exception to the above is the use, through multiple reproduction, of RMetS copyright material for the purposes of university or other educational course notes or course handouts.

This use is covered by a general agreement between the UK universities and the Scientific Technical and Mathematics publishers to which the Society is a signatory.

Requests for the use of material in this way should be referred to The Publishers Licensing Society Ltd, 37-41 Gower Street, London WC1E 6HH, telephone 0207 299 7730. email

Photographic Images and Similar Material

The charges for the use of this type of material are determined by a range of factors:

The use to which the image is to be put:

  • Type of publication
  • Geographical extent of the intended distribution
  • Range of languages for the intended publication
  • Cover illustration or internal illustration

Final image size:

  • A not > 150 x 250 mm  not >2000 words or one line diagram
  • B not > 280 x 435 mm  > 3000 words or three diagrams

The scale of standard charges is given below. These charges will be applied with a degree of interpretation upon the exact circumstances of each case. For example an application from a primary or secondary school may be treated differently from an application from a commercial publisher seeking worldwide rights. However, where charges are levied they will not exceed the maximum given in the scale.

Text and Line Figures

For use in commercially published (including textbooks) and non-learned journals (eg. magazines, periodicals, newspapers) the reproduction of text and line drawings and other material is normally subject to a reproduction charge.

The Society’s copyright shall be acknowledged alongside, or clearly in association with, the printed extract.

The charges to be levied are based upon a similar structure to that used for images.

Copyright Charges

Table 1

Languages Final image
size *
Final image size
and digital resolution
Single country Single A
10 Mb / 250 dpi
48 Mb / 300 dpi
Single continent Up to three A
10 Mb / 250 dpi
48 Mb / 300 dpi
Worldwide All A
10 Mb / 250 dpi
48 Mb / 300 dpi


* Final image size:

  • A not > 150 x 250 mm  not >2000 words or one line diagram
  • B not > 280 x 435 mm  > 3000 words or three diagrams.

In general, one line diagram can be considered broadly equivalent to 1000 words thus 1000 words + 1 diagram = 2000 words can be used as a rule of thumb.

Please note, when and image is to be used as a cover illustration, the charge increases by 50%.

All amounts are quoted exclusive of VAT.