Occasional Papers on meteorological history

Below are occasional papers on meteorological history. They include papers about the history of the Met Office, meteorological services leading to D-Day and many other topics.

The views, information and opinions expressed in these publications are solely those of the author in his or her private capacity and do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of the Royal Meteorological Society or its Members. The Occasional Papers are edited by the History Group.

d day mapThe image on the right shows a weather map from June 5 1944, the day before D-Day.


No  1: 'The Meteorological Forecasting Office at Heathrow' by R J Ogden

No  2: extracts from: 'The Meteorological Office Dunstable and the IDA Unit in World War II', by Brian Audric

No  3: 'Meteorological Services Leading to D-Day' by R J Ogden

No  4: 'Meteorology and Aerial Navigation' by M E Crewe

No  5: 'A Short History of the British Rainfall Organization' by David E Pedgley

No  6: 'Air, Earth and Skies...and Man's Unconquerable Mind' by Joan M Kentworthy

No  7: 'Weather Services at War' by K D Anderson

No  8: 'The Met Office Grows Up: In War and Peace' by M E Crewe

No  9: 'An Experimental Measure' by Brian J Booth

No 10: 'Weather and Phenological Observations at Hurstpierpoint 1859 - 1862' by Hugh Thomas

No 11: 'The Ripon Meteorological Data Set for 1892 to 1895 as recorded by Charles Piazzi Smyth' by Howard Oliver

No 12: 'Albert Walter, OBE (1877-1972). Meteorologist in the Colonial Service. Part I' by Joan M Kenworthy

No 13: 'Albert Walter, OBE (1877-1972). Meteorologist in the Colonial Service. Part II' by Joan M Kenworthy

No 14: 'The History of the First Twenty-Five Years of Radar Meteorology in the United Kingdom' by Richard Probert-Jones

No 15: 'John Wesley, Travelling Weather Observer' by Howard Oliver

No 16: 'January 1809: Synoptic Meteorology of Floods and Storms over Britain' by David E Pedgley

No 17: 'The Field Courses of the Royal Meteorological Society' by Malcolm Walker

No 18: 'James George Tatem, William Henry White and Early Meteorological Societies in Great Britain' by Malcolm Walker

No 19: 'How Europeans Experienced and Observed the Climate of the Kenya Highlands Before the Establishment of the British East African Meteorological Service in 1929' by Joan M Kenworthy

No 20: 'None but the brave. The story of the men of the wartime weather ships' by Brian J Booth