Carlos Castillejo Balsera - Waterspout in Barcelona

Waterspout in Barcelona by Carlos Castillejo Balsera

Photo location: Barcelona, Spain

Camera: Canon Eos 6d

Carlos arrived in the dark, early morning to watch a big storm form over Barcelona. "As dawn was breaking, I could see a large waterspout sliding down in front of the harbour. From time to time, a flash of lightning illuminated the scene".

A waterspout is a rotating column of air that forms over water or moves from land to water. There are two types of waterspouts, fair weather waterspouts and tornadic waterspouts. Fair weather waterspouts are not usually associated with thunderstorms.

Less common but more violent tornadic waterspouts, such as this example, form over the water or move from the land to water, with the same characteristics as land tornadoes. They develop from cumulonimbus clouds or thunderstorms. These columns of rotating air extend downwards from the cloud and touch the water surface, often accompanied by strong winds, high seas, large hail and frequent lightning.

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