Atmospheric Science Letters Journal

Atmospheric Science Letters

Editors-In-Chief: Chris O'Reilly and Massimo Bollasina

About this Journal

Atmospheric Science Letters (ASL) publishes research that advances the understanding of atmospheric and climate science using observations, modelling and novel methodologies (including machine learning).

Through its ability to publish shorter contributions more rapidly than conventional journals, ASL offers a framework that promotes new understanding and creates scientific debate - providing a platform for discussing scientific issues and techniques.

This journal welcomes submissions from individuals at all stages in their career and in the following areas:

  • Atmospheric and climate dynamics
  • Climate variability, change & impacts
  • Ocean-atmosphere coupling
  • Weather and climate prediction
  • Atmospheric physics
  • Applications of observational techniques & remote sensing
  • Atmosphere-land interactions
  • Weather/climate extremes
  • Air quality and pollution

Who would find this Journal of interest?

  • Atmospheric scientists
  • Meteorologists
  • Climatologists
  • Environmental scientists
  • Physical geographers
  • Geophysicists

This is a fully open access journal.