The Royal Meteorological Society recognises excellence in meteorology and related disciplines through its medals, awards and prizes.

Awards and Prizes for 2018

The Society invites nominations for the awards and prizes shown below, for 2018, which will be presented in 2019. The full regulations for the awards are shown in the Standing Orders. Completed Nomination Forms should be sent to the Chief Executive ( by 19 October 2018.

Award winners for 2017, presented at our AGM in May 2018
Award winners for 2017, presented at our AGM in May 2018


Awards & Winners

Here is a list of the awards and prizes given by the Society. Clicking on the "Show all" link will reveal a list of the people who have won each award in the past.

Mason Gold Medal

Sir John Mason generously funded an award for Fellows of the Society, known as The Mason Gold Medal. The medal ranks alongside The Symons Gold Medal as the premier award of the Society and is bestowed in alternate years to the Symons medal. The citation for the Mason Gold Medal is “For outstanding contributions to the understanding of the fundamental processes that determine the variability and predictability of weather and climate”. The medal is presented at an appropriate special event and consists of a lecture by the recipient known as The Mason Gold Medal Lecture. The first Mason Gold Medal was awarded in 2006 to Paul Mason.

Mason Gold Medal Recipients

Award year Title Forenames Surname Suffix
2018 Prof Colin Dermot O'Dowd FRMetS
2013 Prof John Harries FRMetS
2011 Prof Peter Webster HonFRMetS
2009 Prof Anthony Illingworth
2007 Prof Thomas William Choularton FRMetS
2005 Prof Paul Mason

Symons Gold Medal

In 1901, in memory of George James Symons FRS a British meteorologist who founded the British Rainfall Organisation, a gold medal was established. The medal is awarded biennially for distinguished work in connection with meteorological science. A representation of the Tower of the Winds at Athens appears on the reverse side of this medal. The medal was designed by Mr Frank Bowcher of Chiswick and the dies for it were furnished and executed by Mr John Pinches of London. The medal ranks alongside The Mason Gold Medal as the premier award of the Society and is bestowed in alternate years to the Mason medal.

Symons Gold Medal Recipients

Award year Title Forenames Surname Suffix
2016 Prof Prof John Michael Wallace PhD
2014 Prof Robert Houze FRMetS
2012 Dr Tim Barnett
2010 Prof John Mitchell OBE FRMetS CMet
2008 Dr Adrian Simmons
2006 Prof Sir Brian Hoskins CBE HonFRMetS
2004 Dr John Green
2000 Prof Keith Browning HonFRMetS
1996 Prof Klaus Hasselmann HonFRMetS
1990 Sir John Houghton CBE HonFRMetS
1986 Prof H Lamb
1984 Mr C E Junge
1982 Mr F Pasquill
1978 Mr Frank Ludlam

Buchan Prize

Dr Alexander Buchan was a Scottish meteorologist and oceanographer and is credited with establishing the synoptic chart used in weather forecasting. The Buchan Prize was instituted to commemorate the amalgamation in 1921 of the Scottish Meteorological Society and the Royal Meteorological Society. The Buchan Prize is awarded annually to members of the Society for a paper or papers published in the previous five years in the Quarterly Journal, the International Journal of Climatology or Atmospheric Science Letters and adjudged to contain the most important original contribution or contributions to meteorology.

Buchan Prize Recipients

Award year Title Forenames Surname Suffix
2018 Prof Suzanne Louise Gray
2018 Rev Ian James FRMetS
2014 Prof Richard Philip Allan
2013 Prof John Thuburn
2012 Dr Mark John Rodwell
2011 Prof James Matthew Haywood
2010 Dr Nigel Wood FRMetS
2009 Dr Olaf Stiller
2008 Dr Andrew Ross Brown
2007 Dr Andrew Staniforth
2006 Mr Alan Grant
2005 Dr Andrew White
2004 Dr Michael Cullen
2003 Dr Adrian Simmons
2002 J Austin
2001 Dr Roberto Buizza FRMetS
2001 Dr Franco Molteni
2000 Prof Geraint Vaughan FRMetS
1999 Prof Stephen Mobbs
1998 Prof Julia Mary Slingo OBE HonFRMetS FRS
1996 Prof Keith Shine
1996 Anthony Slingo
1995 Dr Jonathan Robert Eyre
1994 Prof Peter Jonas FRMetS
1993 Dr Philippe Courtier
1993 Prof Andrew Lorenc FRMetS
1991 Prof Alan Thorpe
1989 Prof Alan O'Neill
1987 Prof Timothy Noel Palmer CBE DPhil FRMetS DSc
1987 Dr Glenn Shutts
1985 Prof Paul Mason
1983 Dr Adrian Tuck
1981 Dr Mitchell Moncrieff

Hugh Robert Mill Prize

Hugh Robert Mill was a British geographer and meteorologist who exercised a great influence in the reform of geography teaching and on the development of meteorology as a science. He was Director of the British Rainfall Organisation from 1901 to 1919, and Honorary Secretary of the Royal Meteorological Society from 1902 until 1907 when he became President. The Hugh Robert Mill Award is awarded biennially for original research into the distribution or variation of rainfall or its application to meteorology or a related science.

Hugh Robert Mill Prize Recipients

Award year Title Forenames Surname Suffix
2018 Mr R D Stern
2012 Dr Christopher Taylor
2010 Jim Wilson
2008 Mr Jarmo Koistinen
2006 Prof Geoff Austin
2004 Dr Philip Arkin
2002 TJ Osborn
2000 S Nicholson
1996 Prof Thomas William Choularton FRMetS
1994 Prof Michael Hulme BSC PhD
1994 Prof Philip Jones FRMetS
1991 Prof Anthony Illingworth
1985 Prof Christopher Kenneth Folland FRMetS
1981 Dr Eric Barrett
1981 Prof Christopher George Collier HonFRMetS CMet
1979 Dr John Rodda

L F Richardson Prize

Lewis Fry Richardson was an English mathematician and meteorologist, who pioneered modern mathematical techniques of weather forecasting. The L F Richardson Prize is awarded annually for a meritorious paper which was published in a Society journal during the preceding four years, and was contributed by a member of the Society who in their early career in meteorology (which we define as no more than 15 years into their career, excluding career breaks) at the time of submission.

L F Richardson Prize Recipients

Award year Title Forenames Surname Suffix
2018 Dr Ian Alexander Boutle
2018 Prof Robert Wood
2014 Dr Cyril Julien Morcrette FRMetS
2014 Dr Jesse Norris
2013 Dr Cathryn Birch
2012 Dr Tim James Woollings
2011 Dr Helen Wells FRMetS
2010 Dr Neill Edward Bowler
2009 Dr John Hayward Marsham
2009 Mr Andrew Turner
2008 Dr Christopher David Westbrook
2007 Dr Andrew James Charlton-Perez
2006 Prof John Methven
2005 Dr Amos Stephen Lawless
2004 Prof Robin James Hogan FRMetS
2004 Prof Simon Barnaby Vosper
2003 Dr Jonathan Petch
2002 Prof Eleanor Jo Highwood FRMetS
2002 Dr Adrian Mark Tompkins
2000 Prof Suzanne Louise Gray
2000 R Wood
1999 Dr Andrew Ross Brown
1999 Dr Adrian Philip Lock
1998 Prof Douglas John Parker FRMetS
1996 Prof John Thuburn
1995 Dr Jonathan Taylor FRMetS
1993 Dr Craig Bishop
1991 Dr Stephen Derbyshire
1990 Prof Keith Shine
1989 Thomas
1985 Prof John Marshall
1984 Kite
1984 Dr David Thomson FRMetS
1983 Prof Stephen Mobbs
1982 Dr Glenn Shutts
1981 Prof Alan O'Neill
1980 Dr N C Wells FRMetS
1979 Dr Michael Cullen
1979 Mr Christopher Hall
1978 Mr Trevor Guymer FRMetS
1978 Prof Alan Thorpe

FitzRoy Prize

The FitzRoy Prize is awarded for distinguished work in applications of meteorology or related sciences, especially if published in Society journals. For this purpose, “applications” shall be defined as “scientific, technical, commercial and administrative aspects from the point of view of the end user”. The main requirement is that the work is of use to meteorologists, users of meteorological products and those engaged in the dialogue between them. The Prize is awarded biennially.

FitzRoy Prize Recipients

Award year Title Forenames Surname Suffix
2015 Prof Jonathan Gregory
2013 Mr Ewen McCallum FRMetS CMet
2013 Mr Peter Trevelyan OBE
2011 Prof Roy Michael Harrison OBE FRMetS
2009 Dr Robert Riddaway FRMetS
2007 Dr Geoff Jenkins
2005 Mr Henry Derwent
2004 Prof Neville Nicholls
2002 Prof Leonard Allen Smith
2000 Dr Jianmin Shao FRMetS CMet
1996 Dr Richard Gordon Derwent OBE
1994 Mr David Parker
1990 Prof John Thornes
1984 Dr James Milford FRMetS
1982 Mr J Scott
1980 Mr F B Smith
1978 Mr David Eric Pedgley

Adrian Gill Prize

The Adrian Gill Award, named after the Australian meteorologist and oceanographer, is awarded annually to a member of the Society who has made a significant contribution, in the preceding five years, in the specified fields, and who has also been an author of a paper(s) in the Society’s journals. The specified fields are those that interface between atmospheric science and related disciplines. These related disciplines include oceanography, hydrology, geochemistry and numerical methodologies.

Adrian Gill Prize Recipients

Award year Title Forenames Surname Suffix
2016 Prof Stephen Ernest Belcher
2015 Dr Matthew Martin
2014 Prof Adam Arthur Scaife FRMetS
2014 Prof Geoffrey Vallis
2013 Dr Elizabeth Clare Kent FRMetS
2012 Prof Dudley Edmund Shallcross FRMetS
2011 Prof David Brian Stephenson
2010 Prof Joanna Dorothy Haigh CBE HonFRMetS
2009 Dr Andrew Staniforth
2008 Prof Timothy Noel Palmer CBE DPhil FRMetS DSc
2007 Prof Peter Read
2006 P Cox
2005 Dr David Anderson
2004 Prof John Marshall
2003 Prof John Pyle
2003 Dr Adrian Tuck

Michael Hunt Award

The Michael Hunt Award, which commemorates the achievements of Michael Hunt who was a TV weatherman, is given biennially for excellence in increasing the understanding of meteorology or its applied disciplines among members of the general public, including particular groups (eg. school children, yachtsmen, etc).

Michael Hunt Award Recipients

Award year Title Forenames Surname Suffix
2018 Mr Paul David Hudson
2014 Mrs Pierrette Thomet
2012 Dr Andrew Russell
2012 Dr Paul David Williams FRMetS
2008 S Jackson
2008 Prof Dudley Edmund Shallcross FRMetS
2006 Dr Ross Bannister
2004 WJ Burroughs
2002 Mr Frank Singleton
1998 Mr John Harris
1996 Mr James Bacon
1994 Dr Geoff Jenkins
1994 Mr Ross Reynolds
1992 Mr Geoffrey Philip Eden FRMetS

Gordon Manley Weather Prize

The Society's journal Weather was first publishing in 1946 when Gordon Manley was President of the Society and the journal benefited from his encouragement. The Gordon Manley Prize is awarded annually for any outstanding contribution to Weather through a paper or papers -- or other outstanding service to Weather -- in the preceding five years that has furthered the public understanding of meteorology and oceanography.

Gordon Manley Weather Prize Recipients

Award year Title Forenames Surname Suffix
2014 Mr Baden Hall FRMetS
2013 Mr Bob Prichard
2012 Mr Andrew Mark Sibley FRMetS RMet
2011 Mr George David Anderson FRMetS RMet
2010 Mr Brian John Booth
2009 J Prior
2008 Dr Julian Mayes FRMetS
2007 Prof Andreas Fink
2006 Mr James Galvin FRMetS CMet
2005 Mr Stephen Burt FRMetS
2004 Dr Ian Strangeways FRMetS
2003 Prof Grant Bigg
2002 Mr Storm Dunlop
2001 Mr Ronald Saunders
2000 Mr Geoffrey Philip Eden FRMetS
1999 Dr Roger Brugge FRMetS
1998 Mr David Eric Pedgley
1997 K Herrington
1996 Mr William Pike
1995 Dr Dennis Wheeler
1994 Mr Martin Victor Young FRMetS CMet

IJoC Prize

The International Journal of Climatology (IJoC) Prize shall be awarded annually to the author of a meritorious paper or papers, contributed to the Society and published in the IJoC in any of the five consecutive calendar years preceding the year of the award, or for an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the work of the journal.

IJoC Prize Recipients

Award year Title Forenames Surname Suffix
2014 Dr Klaus Wolter
2012 Prof Johnny Chan
2009 J Marengo
2008 Prof Ian Simmonds
2007 Dr Ricardo Machado Trigo
2006 Dr Ingeborg Auer
2005 Klein-Tank
2004 Dr John Turner MBE FRMetS
2003 Dr Radan Huth FRMetS
2002 Kidson
2001 Prof Philip Jones FRMetS

Society Outstanding Service Medal

The Society Outstanding Service Award was first awarded in 1989. It is awarded annually to a member of the Society who has exceeded the normal bounds of their role to the great benefit of the Society.

Society Outstanding Service Medal Recipients

Vaisala Award

The Vaisala Award is awarded biennially to recognise individuals or teams within the amateur community, academia or business who have made significant contributions to the field of observation and instrumentation. In particular this award recognises: instrument development; collection and quality control of observations; insight into observing the weather/climate; or meteorological field campaigns.

Vaisala Award Recipients

Award year Title Forenames Surname Suffix
2018 Mr Michael Brettle FRMetS CMet
2015 Prof Andreas Fink
2015 Dr Serge Janicot
2015 Jean-Blaise Ngamini
2015 Prof Douglas John Parker FRMetS
2012 Dr Ian Strangeways FRMetS

Innovation Award

The award is based around innovation in meteorology, with a particular focus on business and/or public impact. It recognises people, projects or programmes within the academic, scientific or business communities who have made significant contributions to educating, informing or motivating organisations in their response to meteorological challenges, for example climate change or significant weather events. This is awarded biennially in recognition of contributions from both the professional and amateur community and outstanding contributions to the work of national and international meteorological field campaigns. It may be awarded to those whose work does not naturally lend itself necessarily to publication in the scientific journal literature, but is of significant value to the science of meteorology.

Innovation Award Recipients

Award year Title Forenames Surname Suffix
2014 Prof Lee Chapman FRMetS

James Paton Memorial Prize

The Scottish Centre of the Royal Meteorological Society organises an annual competition for the James Paton Memorial Prize. It is awarded for one or more outstanding photographs or slides of meteorological or atmospheric interest published in Weather during the year. All photographs published in Weather are automatically considered, but the original submissions are also considered.

The competition is open to single or joint entries from amateur or professional meteorologists and photographers.

James Paton Memorial Prize Recipients

Award year Title Forenames Surname Suffix
2012 Ms Rohan Beyts
2011 Mr Richard Tabony
2010 Dr Charles Ian Peter Davison

Jehuda Neumann Memorial Prize

The Jehuda Neumann Memorial Prize commemorates the work of Professor Jehuda Neumann (1915-1993) on the relationship between weather and historical events.

The Prize shall be awarded biennially to the person whom the Committee of the Royal Meteorological Society’s Special Interest Group for the History of Meteorology & Physical Oceanography (or delegated sub-committee) considers to have made the most outstanding contribution to the study of the history of meteorology or physical oceanography during the preceding five years. In exceptional circumstances, at the discretion of the full Committee, this qualifying period may be extended – to recognise, for example, an individual’s outstanding contribution over a long period.

Jehuda Neumann Memorial Prize Recipients

ASL Editors Award

ASL Editors Award Recipients

Award year Title Forenames Surname Suffix
2014 Dr George Bryan
2013 Dr Alan Gadian FRMetS
2012 Prof Sat Ghosh
2008 Dr Thomas Lachlan-Cope
2008 Dr Jutta Thielen-del-Pozo
2005 Prof Wojciech Grabowski FRMetS

Met Apps Editors Award

Met Apps Editors Award Recipients

Award year Title Forenames Surname Suffix
2014 Dr Philip Gill
2014 Mr Rodney Potts
2008 Dr Thomas Lachlan-Cope

QJ Editors award

QJ Editors award Recipients

Award year Title Forenames Surname Suffix
2014 Prof Andrew Lorenc FRMetS
2012 Prof Peter Jan van Leeuwen FRMetS
2011 Dr Margaret Hendry
2009 Dr Timothy James Dunkerton
2008 Dr Susan van den Heever
2007 Dr Magnus Lindskog
2007 Dr David Thomson FRMetS
2006 Dr Gordon Inverarity FRMetS
2005 Prof Wojciech Grabowski FRMetS
2005 Dr Andrew White
2003 Mr Alan Grant