November 2018

Code of Conduct


Fellows, Chartered Meteorologists and Registered Meteorologists are expected to:


  • Conduct themselves in such a manner as to reflect distinction on their profession and the Society.
  • Support and/or contribute to the activities of the Society.
  • Endeavour to keep abreast of relevant scientific and technical developments, and strive to improve their meteorological knowledge and competencies.
  • Be prepared to pass on their knowledge to colleagues, collaborators and the general public, where confidentiality and commercial constraints allow.
  • Whenever possible, publish and present their knowledge, not knowingly take credit for work done by others, and give recognition to the work of others as appropriate.
  • Where appropriate, deliver high-quality of services, respecting contractual agreements and refer requests for services which are beyond their professional capabilities to those properly qualified.
  • Refrain from making exaggerated or unwarranted claims and statements, but rather seek to make informed judgements based on sound scientific principles.
  • Respect all agreements on confidentiality that have been entered into.
  • Comply with relevant national and international law.
  • Refrain from engaging in activities generally recognised as being detrimental to, or incompatible with, the welfare of the general public, the environment and the sustainability of any resources.
  • Act in accordance with the Society's commitment to promoting diversity, equality and inclusion.
  • Use the name of the Society only when duly authorised.


Publication and application of the Code of Conduct is described in the Society’s Charter and By-Laws. The Code of Conduct itself is an appendix to our Standing Orders.



Fellowship of RMetS
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Charter and By-Laws
Standing Orders