Equity, Diversity and Inclusion at RMetS

Our EDI Aims and Objectives

The RMetS aims to lead by example and encourage the meteorological community to be both diverse and inclusive, making the best use of talent that exists in all parts of society to provide access to the world of science, technology, and the profession of meteorology for all. Diversity and inclusion is embedded into our strategic plan as one of eight cross-cutting priorities.

The RMetS has signed the Science Council Declaration on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, and we use the Science Council Diversity and Inclusion Progression Framework to assess and monitor our progress on diversity and inclusion. At the last self-assessment in 2021, we classified most of our areas as being at Level 1 “Initiating” – where the data and insights are being gathered and actions tend to be informal. We have ambition to move higher in the framework where commitment and actions become more intentional, linked together coherently, and driven by data on representation and experience.



2022/2023 EDI Priorities:

  • Redesigning our Awards and Prizes to be more inclusive of the wide range of activities related to meteorology and to reflect the increasingly collaborative nature of advancing science.
  • Building an EDI working group with a variety of lived experiences to view our challenges from different perspectives.
  • Understanding who our members are and what barriers they face in engaging with RMetS activities – we collected anonymous survey data in March 2023 with additional collection from Early Career Scientists in July 2023.


2023/24 EDI Priorities:

  • Building a range of content to explain the “why” and “what” of EDI at RMetS, and supporting our EDI aims and ambitions through our communication channels.
  • Continuing to embed a pro-active inclusive approach to the various activities of the RMetS – inclusion and equity are everyone’s responsibility.
  • Identifying partner organisations that we can work with to ensure that meteorology and related professions are accessible to all.
  • Ensuring that our processes and practices for RMetS staff and employees are inclusive and equitable.


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If you have a specific question or comment about EDI at RMetS or would like to find out more about the EDI working group, please contact Ella Clarke.