Membership of the Royal Meteorological Society

Student & Early Career Membership

As a Student or Early Career Scientist, you may be particularly interested in these benefits of membership of the Royal Meteorological Society:

  • Read Weather magazine, on your smartphone with the free Weather Journal app or online via your account
  • Gather career information and join our mentoring scheme.  It can connect you to someone who can provide an insight into working in weather and climate and help with networking
  • Apply for research and travel grants 
  • Receive reduced membership rates for three years after you stop being a registered student

Types of membership

Fellow  £88.00
For those who make substantial contributions to meteorology and related sciences, whether as an observer, amateur enthusiast, academic, teacher, professional, business person, innovator or Society volunteer. 

Member £84.00
For anyone with an interest in meteorology who wishes to support the objectives and goals of the Society.

Student £42.00
For full-time students of meteorology and related subjects, of any age, up until three years after you cease to be a registered student.

Corporate from £500
Be part of a progressive Society and join other organisations committed to supporting meteorology as a science, profession and interest, and inspiring the next generation of meteorologists.

Please note: Memberships run from 1st January to 31st December.

The Royal Meteorological Society is a registered charity, and hence relies upon member subscriptions and donations to help support our charitable work in science and education

Still need convincing?

Joshua Talib from the Department of Meteorology, University of Reading reflects on the benefits of becoming a student member in this Social Metwork blog

Other benefits of membership for Students and Early Career Scientists


  • Keep up to date with the latest news and events within meteorology.
    • Receive our monthly e-newsletter with updates on our latest projects and upcoming events
    • Be invited to dozens of national meetings, local meetings, special interest groups, conferences and other events each year
    • Subscribe to our other six world-leading journals (Wires Climate Change, Quarterly Journal, Meteorological Applications, International Journal of Climatology, Atmospheric Science Letters and Geoscience Data) at a discounted rate, or access them all online for only £10
    • Receiving discounts on Wiley-Blackwell books
  • Develop your career
    • Receive Member discounts on author charges to publish in our journals
    • Become professionally accredited as a Registered or Chartered Meteorologist
    • Record professional development activities on the Society's own online tool, ACCSYS
    • After gaining experience, apply for Fellowship and use the postnominals FRMetS
    • Win awards in recognition of outstanding achievements
  • Enjoy further discounts
    • On our charged meetings and Conferences
    • On membership of partner organisations at the American Meteorological Society, Institute of Physics, Royal Photographic Society and Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society
    • At our online shop
    • and no charge at all to borrow instruments and get access to educational resources
Upcoming Events

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Register online for Conferences, National Meetings and more

Climate Briefings

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Special Interest Groups

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Atmospheric Electricity, Climate Science, Data Assimilation and more

Local Centres

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