Student Ambassadors

RMetS Student Ambassadors provide a link between the Society and UK universities and research institutions.

They support the RMetS by increasing awareness about membership and activities within their networks, whilst also helping to engage with students who have an interest in weather and/or climate as a science, profession, or general interest.

Volunteering as a Student Ambassador provides an opportunity to gain experience in a similar field to your studies, whilst also enhancing skills and boosting your CV. 


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Who can become a Student Ambassador? 

Being a Student Ambassador is open to all undergraduate, master’s, and PhD students in the UK. We currently have Student Ambassadors located in Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Exeter, John Moores, Kings College London, Lancaster, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Open University, Oxford, Plymouth, Reading, Swansea and East Anglia. If you wish to find out who your local Ambassador is, or want to be put in touch with them, please email  

We endeavour to have two Student Ambassadors per institution – one undergraduate and one postgraduate.  


We are currently seeking Student Ambassadors at the following universities – could it be you?

Apply here


  • Durham  
  • Imperial College London 
  • John Moores - postgraduate only
  • Leicester
  • Newcastle 
  • Plymouth - postgraduate only
  • University College London 
  • University of East Anglia - postgraduate only


Why become a Student Ambassador?

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How can I become a Student Ambassador? 

If you are a student and have an interest in weather and/or climate, you can start the application process by emailing and letting us know: 

  1. Who you are, 

  1. Your current university and/or organisation, 

  1. Up to 200 words on why you would like to become a RMetS Student Ambassador, including the value you could add through your networks. 


What can I do as a Student Ambassador? 

You can help us at the RMetS to help empower you and your peers as the future of the weather and climate sector. As a Student Ambassador we expect you to: 

  • Commit up to a maximum of 4 hours each month to Ambassador-related activities;
  • Be transparent, maintaining communication with the RMetS throughout; 
  • Promote, raise awareness of, and encourage engagement with the RMetS and weather and climate sector; 
  • Suggest ideas and provide insights into improving the RMetS and membership benefits for students; 
  • Participate in and represent the RMetS in one career event per year at your institution, with the additional (optional) opportunity for involvement with local RMetS centres, publishing, and/or event organisation. 

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What support will you receive from the RMetS?  

  • We provide you with a free student membership for the current year, with related benefits; 

  • We provide resources and materials to support you, such as a role description, useful links, and an induction pack, including relevant Society information and a calendar of RMetS events; 

  • We ensure there is open communication between the Ambassadors and RMetS staff, with an induction day, formal and informal catch-ups throughout the year, and a platform on which to communicate with other Ambassadors; 

  • We provide marketing materials and supporting resources for your activities, as required; 

  • Where necessary, we cover expenses you may incur as a result of promotional activities conducted, contingent on approval beforehand and provision of receipts afterwards.