Membership Information for Academics

As an Academic, you may be particularly interested in these benefits of membership of the Royal Meteorological Society:

  • Discounts on author payment charges for our journals including the Quarterly Journal and the International Journal of Climatology.
  • Remote-viewing for our national meetings, plus access speaker presentations following national meetings
  • Reading Weather magazine, on your smartphone with the free Weather Journal app, online via your account, or delivered by post to your door
  • Subscribing to our other six world-leading journals (Wires Climate Change, Quarterly Journal, Meteorological Applications, International Journal of Climatology, Atmospheric Science Letters and Geoscience Data) at a discounted rate, or access them all online for only £10
  • Receiving discounts on Wiley-Blackwell books

The Royal Meteorological Society is a registered charity, and hence relies upon member subscriptions and donations to help support our charitable work in science and education

Should I be a Fellow, a Member or a Student Member of RMetS?

Within three years of graduation, you are still eligible for the Student rate.  Members of the American Meteorological Society, Royal Photographic Society or Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society are eligible for a 25% discount on the Member rate.  Most experienced academics (five years or more) chose Fellow, and this is also the category you must be in to be able to use the postnominals FRMetS.

Other Benefits of Membership for Academics

  • Keep up to date with science and news in weather and climate
    • Receive a monthly e-newsletter with updates on our latest projects and upcoming events
    • Be invited to dozens of national meetings, local meetings, special interest groups, conferences and other events each year
  • Develop your career
    • Become professionally accredited as a Registered or Chartered Meteorologist
    • Record professional development activities on the Society's own online tool, ACCSYS
    • Receive support from the Legacies Fund, grants and fellowships
    • After gaining experience, apply for Fellowship and use the postnominals FRMetS
    • Win awards in recognition of outstanding achievements
  • Enjoy further discounts
    • On charged meetings and Conferences
    • On membership of partner organisations at the American Meteorological Society,  Royal Photographic Society and Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society
    • On membership of the Royal Meteorological Society. For three years after graduation on meteorology, or a related subject, you can be a member at the Student rate
    • Borrow instruments and access educational resources at no charge
    • At our online shop

You can also join in with:

  • peer-review of scientific papers and membership of editorial boards
  • outreach activities in schools and at public events
  • our mentoring scheme
  • our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram pages
  • meetings at our local centres around the UK
  • our Special Interest Groups
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