Climate Change Communications Training

Communicators have a huge role to play in shaping how society responds to the challenges we face and inspiring people to act.

Despite growing awareness among the public, misinformation about climate change is still widely reported. Grounding your communications in science is one of the best ways to tackle misinformation while also ensuring that you are delivering credible and engaging content.

This course, delivered by the Royal Meteorological Society is designed to empower communicators by providing the knowledge and tools to engage audiences in climate change. Our experts can help you understand the science behind climate change, what it might mean for the future and how to explain this to your audiences. By the end of the course, delegates will feel confident in finding trustworthy resources and access to the relevant climate experts to support with producing content.

Course content

Our course covers the following three core areas of content:

  • Climate change – the facts and evidence
    Helping you to understand the science behind climate change, the connection between climate and weather, and how our climate has changed so far. This section of the training will also explain the jargon associated with climate change. 

  • What does the future hold?
    We will share knowledge about how the impacts of climate change could affect us in the future and explain what steps policymakers globally are taking to address the challenges. We’ll also explore the outcomes of COP26 and what this means for climate change.

  • Communicating climate change
    We’ll review some of the most common misinformation narratives and provide guidance on where to find reliable and up to date information. You will benefit from exploring how to make climate change relevant to your particular audience, alongside a range of tools to support your communications.


Matt Taylor, BBC Broadcast Meteorologist said:

It was an immensely engaging and interactive course that explored every aspect of climate change. Through real environmental examples and references to past climate it helped give us ways to communicate the facts.

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We’re working in partnership with the Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA) to deliver training to communication professionals.

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If you have a team of 10 or more, you may benefit from a dedicated training session, allowing you to focus on specific audiences and areas relevant to your organisation. While the core content of the course would remain, we are able to tailor elements of the training, for example by focusing on specific industries, or impacts.

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