International Journal of Climatology

International Journal of Climatology

Editors-in-Chief: Enric Aguilar and William Collins

About this Journal

The International Journal of Climatology  promotes the study of the climate system from subseasonal to interdecadal timescales through the publication of research papers, , major reviews of progress and featured reports across the broad field of climatology. The Journal’s main role is to stimulate and report the latest research in climatology and its multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary implications. Coverage includes but is not limited to:

  • Observations of the state and changes in the climate system
  • Attribution and explanation of the causes for these changes
  • Projections of the future state of the climate system
  • Interplay between climate variability and change
  • Implications of regional studies for the greater knowledge of the climate system
  • Relationships from larger and longer climate scales to localised scales

As guidance to prospective contributors, it is expected that submissions will contribute significantly to the International literature, even if the focus is regional. Manuscripts should cite the extant and relevant international literature, should clearly state what the wider contribution is (e.g. a novel discovery, application of a new technique or methodology, application of an existing methodology to a new problem), and should discuss the importance of the work in the international context.

Who would find this Journal of Interest?

  • Climatologists
  • Meteorologists
  • Atmospheric scientists

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