Continuing Professional Development

Continuing Professional Development, or CPD, is defined as the systematic maintenance, improvement, and broadening of knowledge and skills.

It covers technical and professional topics and, as the name suggests, should be undertaken throughout one's working life and should continue beyond the attainment of a professional qualification.

Society members are encouraged to keep their own detailed record of CPD activity for their own benefit and can do so using our online tool ACCSYS.

CPD activities can be undertaken in the work-place or external to the work-place (for example, outreach and education, external training, site work, contributing to the activity of professional bodies etc).

The following list gives an indication of the broad range of activities that can be considered relevant to CPD:

  • Advisory work
  • Attending conferences, exhibitions, seminars, networking events, internal courses, and specialist meetings
  • Authoring books, papers, chapters, articles, web-pages and reports (in full or in part)
  • Careers development work
  • Chairing courses and specialist meetings
  • Delivering lectures
  • Delivering training courses
  • Expert witness
  • Informal learning, such as reading, on-the-job training, research, being coached or mentored
  • International collaboration
  • Mentoring and assessing
  • Presenting papers, leading/facilitating professional meetings and discussions
  • Press and media activity
  • Professional projects
  • Promoting and presenting
  • Research work
  • Resource development
  • Structured learning, such as studying for a qualification, training courses, tests
  • Taking part in public and education outreach
  • Visiting/working with partners or other professional groups
  • Voluntary work and other volunteering work, for an institute, charity, or within your community
  • Work shadowing

These activities need to be in the field of meteorology or related fields - judgement on the applicability is made by the CE/CPD panel on a case-by-case basis.



Introducing ACCSYS - the Royal Meteorological Society's online tool for accreditation applications and recording your personal CPD activities.

ACCSYS can be used by all Society members and is useful for recording your career objectives and work experience, as well as CPD activities. You can collate your CPD activities and export/print for your personal use or as part of your employer’s appraisal scheme.

Those working towards or maintaining their Registered Meteorologist (RMet) and Chartered Meteorologist (CMet) can use ACCSYS to record CPD, to apply for RMet and CMet online and to submit regular CPD Reports.

Questions about CPD reports? See our FAQ document here.