Carers' Fund

As a member of the Royal Meteorological Society you can apply for a grant of up to £250 to help you attend meteorologically-related events or conferences that you may not otherwise be able to attend because you care for someone else.

We appreciate that the arrangements that you will put in place will be many and varied, and therefore do not wish to place restrictions on how the grant will be used.

Example uses of the grant could include:

  • Extended hours for a child-minder/care worker to cover time when arriving home later than normal
  • Babysitter costs
  • Travel expenses for friends or relatives to come to you to look after dependents
  • After school activities, clubs or play-schemes

We have designed the process to be straightforward and ask you to provide brief details of the event and a description of how the grant will be used.


  • Applicant is a RMetS member
  • Used towards the costs associated with additional care
  • Conference, meeting or event is meteorology-related.

For full details of the fund please read the Carers' Fund Guidance document. 

To apply for a grant from the fund please complete and return the Application Form

The total grant fund available each year for awarding to successful applicants is limited and each application is reviewed by date received. In any one year, £2,500 will be allocated between January and December. If you would like more information about the fund please contact the Society at or via telephone on 0118 2080 142.


Carers' Fund Guidance
Application Form