Education event - Award winning climate negotiations resource Northern Ireland

27 June 2018

On the 21st June Sylvia Knight, RMetS Head of Education was in Coleraine, N. Ireland to run our award winning climate negotiations resource with 50 pre-GCSE students from 5 local schools. Each student was assigned to one of 10 countries and then spent the morning learning about their country and attending briefing sessions to learn more about climate science, strategies to address climate finance and potential adaptation and mitigation strategies. In the afternoon, they came together in country groups to decide their own greenhouse gas emission pledges, deliver these to the assembled delegates and then negotiate.

Despite some extremely effective negotiation, they were not able to commit to emission reductions which would limit global temperature increases to within 2C.

Prizes awarded to the country group which represented their country best and to individuals - both for individual engagement in the exercise and the 'Donald Trump' award for putting the interests of their own country before global interests.

The resource is designed to be run in schools over 2 standard lessons.