New journal

Society seeks Editors-in-Chief for new journal

The Society is looking for two Co Editors-in-Chief for an exciting new journal launch for 2020.

This will be an interdisciplinary fully open access journal studying the broad subject of the changing climate system from the natural and social science perspectives.

This includes applying climate and earth systems models to gain knowledge about past, present and future climate change and variability, as well as topics exploring the impacts of climate change on society (including but not limited to health, water quality, economy, industry and agriculture) and the implications for policy.

We are looking for two Editors-in-Chief to share the role as Co-Editors from October 2019 and together they would share the following responsibilities:

  • Refine and develop the aims and scope of the journal in collaboration with the Society and its publisher
  • Establish and develop editorial policy for the journal in cooperation with the Society and its publisher
  • Actively solicit and encourage good-quality manuscripts within the scope of the journal
  • Create and implement an editorial vision and strategy
  • Work towards specific development and growth objectives (agreed with the Society and its publisher)
  • Establish an excellent, active and collaborative editorial board to champion the journal, help with peer review, attract submissions and special issues, and generally further the growth of the journal
  • Ensure great service to authors through high quality and fast peer review process (supported by the editorial office and the editorial board)
  • Commit to the highest standards of publication ethics and open research
  • Attend in person or remotely the two annual RMetS Publications Portfolio meetings (March and September) and chair an annual Editorial Board meeting

The role will be supported by Associate Editors, an Editorial Board and an Editorial Office team.
There will also be extensive support from the Society and its publisher.

For more information and how to apply please visit the vacancy posting on our Society Jobs Board.