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You might be hearing from us

30 January 2023

If your Royal Meteorological Society membership has lapsed or is about to, you may be hearing from us.

As a membership organisation, it is important to us that we are here to support you and engage you with our events, activities and opportunities. However, we understand that sometimes members leave for many reasons. We are working with an external company to contact past members to find out why they’ve not renewed and ask if they would like to renew or rejoin and how we can best support their needs.

This year we are working with Chord UK Ltd, a membership consultancy with whom we have previously worked and come highly recommended. Please visit their website if you want to learn more about them.  

If you have any queries about the campaign, please get in touch with us on membership@rmets.org

If you would like more information about membership and its benefits, please visit our dedicated membership pages