Tea Hills © Vu Trung Huan

1st runner-up - Tea Hills © Vu Trung Huan

Photographer name: Vu Trung Huan 

From: Hanoi, Vietnam

Age: 38

Photo title: Tea Hills

Photo location: LONG COC Tea Hill, Tan Son District, Phu Tho Province, Vietnam.

Date photo taken: 22 September 2019 and 30 October 2019

Story behind the photo: Lost in the fairy scene. Long Coc tea hill has mysterious and strange features when the sun is not yet up. Hidden in the morning mist, the green color of tea leaves still stands out. Early in the morning, holding a cup of tea, taking a breath of fresh air, Watching the gentle green stretches of green tea hills. It is true that nothing is equal!.

For those who love nature, like to watch the sunrise, when standing on the top of the hill, you will the most clearly feel the transition between night and day. A large green land suddenly caught in sight. When the sun is up, everything is tinged with sunlight, on the tea buds there is still glittering morning dew, a pure beauty that makes you just want to embrace everything. 

Weather caption: What is the difference between fog and mist? Fog is a surface visibility of less than 1km, whilst mist is a visibility greater than 1km, when the relative humidity is above 95%. Usually, we observe mist when the visibility is less than 10km, however there is no uniform definition around the world. There are many different types of fog, one of which is valley fog. As the name suggests, this forms within valleys where cold, dense air collects and under the right conditions (cool temperature, calm wind, sufficient moisture, and clear sky) condenses to form fog. Valley fog can last for several days at a time, particularly during winter.

Technical details

Camera                      Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

Lens model               EF70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM

Shutter speed           1/30

Aperture                     f/11

Focal length              70 mm

ISO                             50