Frozen Life by Kolesnik © Stephanie Sergeevna

Young Weather Photographer of the Year 2020 Winner

Photographer name: Kolesnik Stephanie Sergeevna

From: Shakhty, Russia

Age: 17

Photo title: Frozen Life

Photo location: Shakhty, Russia

Story behind the photo: Taken in Shakhty, Russia, this photo depicts “part of sunny summer frozen in ice”. Kolesnik describes this as time seeming to have stopped for this leaf. 

Weather caption: The solubility of air in water is related to temperature: the cooler the water, the more air is dissolved within. However, this changes once water freezes, as gas solubility in ice is much less than in water. Upon freezing, the dissolved air separates from the water and can become trapped by the forming ice to create bubbles. Typically, the faster the freezing rate, the greater the number and size of the bubbles.