Transformational Climate Science - The future of climate change research following the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report.

Date: Thursday 15 May 2014 - Friday 16 May 2014


University of Exter Forum Building.


The Transformational Climate Science conference seeks to explore the next steps for climate science research. It will very likely be the first event to cover all three IPCC Working Groups.

International experts will discuss the future of climate change research following the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report at this special event. Our speakers will share their perspectives on the cutting-edge of science as well as the ecological, economic, policy, and social science dimensions of the climate challenge.
This conference will illuminate the future of the climate research agenda and we invite you to join us.

We have leading international speakers including a co-chair from each IPCC AR5 Working Group and several IPCC lead authors. A selection of these speakers are detailed right and below.

Professor Thomas Stocker, Co-Chair of Working Group I
Professor Chris Field, Co-Chair of Working Group II
Professor Ottmar Edenhofer, Co-Chair of Working Group III

  • Professor John Barrett
  • Professor Frans Berkhout
  • Professor Richard Betts
  • Professor Simon Caney
  • Professor Mat Collins
  • Professor Peter Cox
  • Professor Sam Fankhauser
  • Professor Piers Forster
  • Professor Pierre Friedlingstein
  • Professor Sir Andy Haines
  • Dr Richard Jones
  • Dr Sari Kovats
  • Professor Tim Lenton
  • Professor Corinne Le Quéré
  • Professor Georgina Mace
  • Professor Catherine Mitchell
  • Dr Saffron O’Neill
  • Professor Asun St Clair
  • Professor David Stephenson
  • Dr Peter Stott

The Transformational Climate Science conference is being hosted at the University of Exeter in partnership with the Met Office and University of Leeds.


The programme will focus on each of the AR5 Working Group areas, with two additional panel sessions exploring the wider implications of the report. There
will also be time for networking and discussion as well as a public event. 

The challenge of climate change: outcomes of the Working Group I report.
Working Group I assesses the physical science of climate change. How has our climate already changed because of anthropogenic activities, and how will
future emissions of greenhouse gases and aerosols further change the climate system?

Drawing on the evidences from physical science, this session will explore certainty and uncertainty in climate change. 

The challenge of impacts and adaptation: outcomes of the Working Group II report.
Working Group II assesses the vulnerability of socio-economic and natural systems to climate change, the consequences of climate change, and the possible options for adapting to it.

Drawing on science and social science, this session will explore how we might prepare to live in a changing environment.

The challenge of mitigation: outcomes of the Working Group III report.
The third Working Group considers the options for mitigating against climate change through limiting or preventing greenhouse gas emissions and enhancing activities that remove them from the
atmosphere. The group have investigated the main economic sectors and established the costs and benefits of different mitigation approaches.

The science and policy interface flowing from the IPCC.

The conference will draw together attendees and experts from across the three Working Groups, and this session will give attendees time to consider how the science of AR5 might impact on
future policy.

Frontiers of climate change research.
What does the future hold for climate change research? The final panel session of the conference will draw together experts to discuss the next steps beyond AR5.

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