The Royal Meteorological Society Professional Accreditation

How can accreditation benefit your organisation?

In an increasingly competitive world employers are looking for people with distinguished qualifications that make them stand out as the best people to employee.

In developing an accreditation system the Society aims to help employers identify the top candidates. 

  • Registered Meteorologist (RMet) accreditation can help you identify someone with practical knowledge and experience in the field of meteorology.
  • Chartered Meteorologist (CMet) is the highest level of accreditation that can be achieved. It is awarded to meteorologists with specific skills, specialist knowledge and a wealth of experience.

Through selecting a meteorologist that has been recognised through the Society’s accreditation scheme, employers and those enlisting the work of consultants can be confident that these practitioners have undergone a robust mechanism to ensure that they will deliver to their level of expertise. Accreditation also acts as a framework to support career development, as well as demonstrating commitment to one’s career.

Additionally, the Society further supports meteorologists with Continued Professional Development, through our specially developed online ACCSYS system. This enables members to continue to chart their progression throughout their careers, providing a tool for easy reference regarding their development as well as being useful for those returning after a career break.

If you would like accreditation to be applied across your organisation, please contact Sharon Stephens, Membership and Accreditation Manager.

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