Joint International Climate Communiqué by National Meteorological Societies and Associates

A global community of 43 national meteorological societies and organisations working on climate and sustainability have released a Joint International Climate Communiqué on World Meteorological Day 2021 (23 March). Together they reiterate the critical importance of addressing climate change.

The Communiqué acknowledges the overwhelming scientific evidence that the world continues to warm and extreme weather events and climate-related disasters are now more likely to occur, largely due to emissions of greenhouse gases from human activities.

The full Joint International Climate Communiqué can be downloaded here

Previous Communiqués

Collective Global Climate Statement

In 2017 an international coalition of 33 meteorological and climate societies and institutions have released a Collective Global Climate Statement to coincide with Earth Day on 22nd April, which this year is focused on environmental and climate literacy. The Statement was initiated and coordinated by the Royal Meteorological Society.

Collective Global Climate Statement 2017 - Royal Meteorological Society


Paris Climate Communiqué

Ahead of the Paris Summit in 2015 a coalition of 24 of the UK’s foremost academic institutions and learned societies from across the sciences, social sciences, arts, humanities, medicine and engineering, called for immediate action to avert the serious threats posed by climate change.

Paris Climate Communique 2015 - Royal Meteorological Society