Onwards and upwards: theWeather Club's system moves over the Midlands

Thanks to the lovely men at the AA, Daphne, the campervan lives to fight another day. An early start in Oxford, first to do local radio, then down to Broad Street to enthuse the early morning commuters about the wonders of weather. It still surprises me, and I'm a meteorologist, how many people want to stop and chat about the weather – the summer heatwave on the Continent, the weather in Boston during the fall and the autumnal chill in the air. We are quite literally obsessed with the weather.

Then we are on the road again, heading north to Birmingham. After a quick stop at the Mailbox to do an interview with BBC West Midlands, it's on to Aston University and the British Science Festival. We had a prime location, and what perfect weather for the Great British Weather Experiment – sunshine and light winds followed by a heavy downpour and finishing with a rainbow – who could ask for more? We met a hot air balloonist, medics, engineers and teachers, all united by their interest in the weather. But what people were most concerned about was to hear that Daphne had been unwell and their delight in knowing that she'd made a full recovery – bless.

The live webcam and weather data being collected at each location can be viewed here, and you can follow our tour of Britain on Twitter (@DrLizBentley).

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