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How climate change is affecting sea levels

Climate Science Briefing Paper in Weather Journal

7 September 2020

Our 10th Climate Science Briefing Paper on how climate change is affecting sea levels has just been published in this month's Weather journal. 

The Society's Climate Science Communication Group has produced a series of Climate Science Briefing Papers with the aim to clearly and concisely explain important aspects of climate science.

This latest published paper looks at sea level rise. Sea level rise is one of most severe climate change impacts. Global sea levels have already risen by about 20cm since 1900, and could rise by an additional metre by 2100. As about 40% of the world’s population are living in coastal areas, sea level rise has, and will continue to have severe impacts. This paper explains the science of sea level rise, how fast it is rising, the causes and future projections.

Read the paper here.

Podcast Episode 20 - How climate change is affecting sea levels with Dr Erik Mackie and Dr Caroline Coch

Dr Caroline Coch speaks to Dr Erik Mackie, Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Cambridge. They discuss the latest briefing paper on “How climate change is affecting sea levels”.

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