Student Ambassador Headshots 2023

Introducing our 2023-24 Student Ambassadors 

5 December 2023

Throughout 2023, we have taken time to collate feedback, review, and make improvements to our Student Ambassador Scheme, which aims to link the Royal Meteorological Society with universities and research institutions across the UK. Student Ambassadors support the Society by increasing awareness about membership and activities within their networks, whilst also helping to engage with students who have an interest in weather and/or climate as a science, profession, or general interest.  

As a result of this, in Autumn we relaunched the scheme and have now recruited 31 Student Ambassadors who together represent 20 UK institutions. We have a mix of undergraduates and postgraduates who make up our new Student Ambassador team and each will be working on several activities this academic year, including representing the RMetS at a university career event. 

We are still seeking Student Ambassadors at several UK universities. If you are currently studying at a UK university, have an interest in weather and/or climate, and are interested in becoming a volunteer, we would love to receive your Student Ambassador application.

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