Buchan Prize

Regulations for the Buchan Prize
In order to commemorate the amalgamation of the Scottish Meteorological Society with the Royal Meteorological Society and in memory of Alexander Buchan, Scotland’s foremost meteorologist, a prize termed the “Buchan Prize”, shall be awarded annually. The Prize shall be awarded to the author of the paper or papers contributed to the Society journals in the previous five years, which shall be adjudged by the Council to contain the most important original contribution or contributions to meteorology. Papers published in other journals within the time prescribed may be considered, but only in support of authors who have papers of merit published also in the Society journals within the time prescribed. The prize shall be confined to members of the Society.  In the case of joint authorship the prize may, at the discretion of the Council, be divided and the certificate duplicated, even if one author is not a member of the Society. No person shall be eligible for the prize a second time.

Title Forenames Surname Suffix Award year Public profile
Prof Richard Philip Allan 2014 View
Prof John Thuburn 2013 View
Dr Mark John Rodwell 2012 View
Prof James Matthew Haywood 2011 View
Dr Nigel Wood FRMetS 2010 View
Dr Olaf Stiller 2009 View
Dr Andrew Ross Brown 2008 View
Dr Andrew Staniforth 2007 View
Mr Alan Grant 2006 View
Dr Andrew White 2005 View
Dr Michael Cullen 2004 View
Dr Adrian Simmons 2003 View
J Austin 2002
Dr Franco Molteni 2001 View
Dr Roberto Buizza 2001 View
Prof Geraint Vaughan FRMetS 2000
Prof Stephen Mobbs 1999 View
Prof Julia Mary Slingo OBE HonFRMetS FRS 1998 View
Anthony Slingo 1996
Prof Keith Shine 1996 View
Dr Jonathan Robert Eyre 1995 View
Prof Peter Jonas FRMetS 1994
Prof Andrew Lorenc FRMetS 1993 View
Dr Philippe Courtier 1993
Prof Alan Thorpe 1991 View
Prof Alan O'Neill 1989 View
Prof Timothy Noel Palmer CBE DPhil DSc FRMetS 1987
Dr Glenn Shutts 1987 View
Prof Paul Mason 1985 View
Dr Adrian Tuck 1983 View
Dr Mitchell Moncrieff 1981 View
Prof Suzanne Louise Gray View
Rev Ian James FRMetS