Graphic showing different people of colour as part of RMetS Diverse Voices webinar series

RMetS 'Diverse Voices' Webinars Unveiled to Propel Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Weather and Climate Science

13 December 2023

On 30th January 2024, early career scientists and others will come together in celebration of the diversity of people working in and around the field of weather and climate, as RMetS hosts the first in a pioneering series of Diverse Voices webinars.

The event series, which is open to all, will showcase the perspectives of early careers and senior people of colour, providing insight into the variety of backgrounds and experiences within the field. 

Taking place against the backdrop of the Society’s commitment to encourage the meteorological community toward greater equity, diversity and inclusivity, attendees can expect an inspiring celebration of diversity and its importance in driving scientific progress and deeper understanding in our field.

The first event in the series will see two early career researchers – Regan Mudhar (University of Exeter) and Ashar Aslam (University of Leeds) – introduce the series and its format. Regan and Ashar will share their own journeys into science along with some of the experiences they have had as people of colour in the field. Attendees will have the opportunity to participate through an open Q&A session, asking questions to Regan and Ashar to inform their own career choices and learn more about the speakers’ research.

Hannah Malinson, RMetS Science Engagement Manager, said, 

"The webinar series isn’t just an event. We hope it will be a catalyst for change, propelling the weather and climate science profession toward a more diverse, inclusive and forward-thinking community in which everyone who wishes to contribute may feel welcomed to do so.”

Regan Mudhar, PhD Student (University of Exeter) and RMetS Science Engagement Fellow leading the development of the Diverse Voices webinar series, said, 

“Elevating diverse perspectives can help pave the way for groundbreaking advancements and a more inclusive future in weather and climate science. This series will provide a platform to early careers of colour to present their perspective, and for more senior people to share their valuable experience and advice with attendees.”

RMetS invites all to join us on this transformative journey, where diversity becomes our strength and innovation flourishes. Together, we can chart a new course for a more equitable weather and climate science profession that better serves society for the benefit all.