Quarterly Journal Special Issue

Advances in Remote Sensing of Rainfall and Snowfall

29 March 2019

The scientific community of both the International Precipitation Working Group (IPWG) and the International Working group on Space‐Based Snowfall Measurements (IWSSM) gathered in October 2016 in Bologna, Italy for a unique workshop on the remote sensing of precipitation. This well‐attended event showcased the progress in these communities and represented the first time the two communities organized the same event with the intent of sharing results aiming at improving measurement of precipitation from space and fostering the applications in a growing number of areas.

The workshop topics were: new and ongoing satellite programs; retrieval algorithms; validation of instantaneous and gridded precipitation products over land, mountainous terrain, and oceans; precipitation science in meteorology, hydrology, oceanography, climate; upcoming applications such as health, flood and drought monitoring, and risk assessments.

The workshop triggered a collection of papers published in the November issue of the Quarterly Journal which shared recent developments with the wider scientific community.

The Special Collection «Advances in Remote Sensing of Rainfall and Snowfall» consists of 28 papers dealing with various aspects of solid and liquid precipitation measurements from space.

All papers are freely available to access.