Book endorsement

Society Book Endorsement Programme

9 August 2019

The Society is pleased to announce that it is currently working with a number of academic and non-academic book publishers to implement a books endorsement programme.

This means that members will be able to receive any book endorsed by the Society at a discounted rate if purchased through our Society shop.

Becky Venton is now in position in our newly created role of Society Endorsement Editor, and will be working alongside our Head of Publishing, to identify and review books which we believe will be of interest to our members.

Please get in touch with if you have an interest in supporting the review process for our endorsement programme.


Books selected for the endorsement programme will appear as an Endorsed Book Review in Weather around the time of its general release.

Members will however be notified of opportunities to pre-order the books in advance of the general public sale date through our Society website, newsletters and within Weather.

We hope you will see this as an exciting new member benefit. Details of the first book in our programme, will be released very soon!