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Support available for young scientists

20 July 2021

As England eases many of the remaining Covid-19 restrictions and we start to make plans again for potential travel, we wanted to remind students and early career researchers about the support we have available through the Rupert Ford Award.

The award supports travel for outstanding young scientists conducting research or study in meteorology or associated physical oceanography (air-sea interaction), at a centre of excellence outside their own countries.

This generous fund was set up by Rupert’s family, friends and colleagues to honour the name of the late Dr Rupert Ford, whose brilliant scientific career was cut short by illness.

The last Rupert Ford Award was given to Marianne Pietschnig in 2019 and you can read her report online about how it has supported her career.

Early-career scientists are defined as no more than 15 years into their career, excluding career breaks. Applicants do NOT need to be members of the Royal Meteorological Society and can come from any part of the world.

The awards are competitive and dependent upon the quality of the applications. Up to two awards may be made and the value of each award for 2021 will be in the order of £1,500.

For further details on how to apply please visit the Rupert Ford Award webpage here.