Call for Nominations - Awards and Prizes 2021


The call for nominations for 2021 is now closed.

Nominations must be submitted using the relevant form (available in the resources box on this page) by the closing date detailed below. Additional information regarding each award can be viewed on the Awards and Prizes page. If you have any questions regarding submitting a nomination, please email

A. Nominations for Awards and Prizes

The Society invites nominations for the following Awards and Prizes for 2021, which will be presented in 2022. Full details for each award can be viewed  here. Please send a completed Nomination Form to the Chief Executive ( by 22 October 2021 for:

  • The Mason Gold Medal: one of the Society’s most prestigious awards, awarded biennially to a Fellow of the Society for outstanding contributions to the understanding of the fundamental processes that determine the variability and predictability of weather and climate.
  • The Buchan Prize: awarded annually to members of the Society for a paper or papers published in the Society’s journals in the preceding five years and adjudged to contain the most important original contribution or contributions to meteorology.
  • The FitzRoy Prize: awarded biennially for distinguished work in applications of meteorology or related sciences.
  • The Adrian Gill Award: awarded annually to a member of the Society who has made a significant contribution(s) and author paper(s) in the Society’s journals in fields interfacing between atmospheric science and related disciplines, thereby being referred to as “multi-disciplinary”.
  • The L F Richardson Prize: awarded annually for a meritorious paper published in the preceding four years in a Society journal by a member of the Society who is an early-career scientist (no more than 15 years into their career, excluding career breaks). Please note if the nomination is for the LF Richardson Prize then clarification of the work of the person nominated is required and confirmation that they did most of the work for the paper being nominated.
  • The Climate Science Communication Award: awarded annually in recognition of outstanding scientific contributions to Climate Science, including proactive outreach activities.
  • The Society Outstanding Service Award: awarded annually for outstanding service to the Society by its members or staff.
  • The Gordon Manley Weather Prize: awarded annually for any outstanding contribution to Weather through a paper or papers or service to Weather in the preceding five years that have furthered the public understanding of meteorology and oceanography.

B. Nominations for Honorary Fellowship

Honorary Fellowship is a lifetime accolade made to a select group of distinguished individuals whose careers in  meteorology (or a related science) or as a public figure renders them a leader and role model within the meteorological community and an inspiration to future generations. Honorary Fellowship is limited to a small number of individuals and is the highest honour bestowed by the Society.

A list of the current Honorary Fellows is available on the Society’s website. Please use the Awards and Prizes Nomination Form to submit your nomination.

C. Applications for the Malcolm Walker Award

The Malcolm Walker Award is bestowed annually to recognise and encourage emerging researchers who have brought new insights into an aspect of the environmental sciences, which includes elements of meteorology and/or oceanography. The application should demonstrate that the candidate has an understanding of the historical context of their research and is able to communicate their work to a diverse audience. 

Applications must be submitted using the Application Form for this award. The application must be supported by the research supervisor(s) responsible for overseeing the work of the candidate which is to be considered for the award.


Full regulations for each award can be found in the Standing Orders.