Register of Registered Meteorologists

Registered Meteorologists are expected to provide a high-quality service based on their experience and expertise. The service is often provided to those not specialists in the subject.
Registered Meteorologists may use the post-nominal RMet in their professional activities.

NOTE: The Society does not provide any guarantee of the quality of individual work by regsitered meteorologists. Those who provide professional services on their own behalf to third parties are responsible for their own work and professional indemnity cover.

Title Forenames Surname Suffix Accreditation date Public profile
Mr Paul Anthony Aked RMet May 2015
Mrs Gill Allbones RMet May 2016
Mr George David Anderson FRMetS RMet Jun 2014
Mr Mark Baker RMet May 2016
Mrs Eleanor Bell RMet May 2014
Mr William Michael Benton RMet Jul 2017
Mrs Nicola Berry FRMetS RMet Sep 2014
Ms Emma Victoria Boorman FRMetS RMet Apr 2016
Mrs Sarah Jane Brassington FRMetS RMet Sep 2016
Mr Tom Broadbent RMet Jun 2017
Mr David Michael Brookfield RMet Jan 2019
Mr Christopher Burton RMet Jul 2017
Mrs Zoe Louise Butterworth RMet Dec 2017
Miss Helen Marie Caughey RMet Feb 2017
Ms Joanna Lindsay Chambers RMet May 2015
Lt Cdr Andrew Claxton FRMetS RMet Aug 2014
Lt Emma Coughlin RMet Aug 2016
Mr Steven Crampton FRMetS RMet Feb 2016
Ms Aisling Creevey FRMetS RMet Sep 2016
Mr Mathew Harri Davies RMet Jun 2017
Mr Bryan Alan De Gruchy RMet Oct 2018
Miss Theofano Derveni RMet Jun 2017
Mr Gregory Dewhurst FRMetS RMet Sep 2016
Mr Matthew Dobson RMet Jun 2014
Mr Byron Drew FRMetS RMet May 2014
Miss Natalie Diane Gibson Eaton FRMetS RMet Jun 2016
Miss Claire Ellis RMet Apr 2017
Miss Margaret Ann Emerson RMet May 2017
Mr Warrick Eyre FRMetS RMet Aug 2014
Mr James Edward Fearnley FRMetS RMet Jun 2017
Ms Clare Finn RMet Jul 2017
Mrs Penelope Harriet Freeman RMet Jun 2014
Miss Rachel Frost RMet Apr 2017
Miss Nicola Claire George RMet Jul 2017
Mrs Jenny Gillies RMet Jul 2017
Mr Gareth Harvey FRMetS RMet Jun 2014
Mr David Hayter RMet Jun 2015
Mr Andrew Hicks RMet Oct 2017
Mr Martin Craig Hopwood RMet Jun 2016
Miss Jessica Huggett RMet Oct 2017
Ms Linda Hughes RMet Mar 2018
Mr James Geraint Hughes RMet May 2014
Mr Matthew Victor Hugo FRMetS RMet May 2014
Mr Kenneth John Hume RMet Jun 2014
Miss Eleanore Rachel Hunt FRMetS RMet Dec 2015
Mrs Caroline Illingworth RMet May 2017
Ms Jeanette Jackson FRMetS RMet Sep 2017
Mr David Jameson RMet Apr 2017
Mr Philip Johnson RMet May 2015
Mrs Rebecca Jones RMet Dec 2014